Friday, September 2, 2016


by Aileen Belmonte

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for keeping all my current posts on hold. I've been really busy preparing for the medical board exams, but I thought I'd take a short break and share this look with you guys. In between memorizing blood supplies and innervation, street style remains to be my  personal happy place. 

So here's the deal, wearing nude tones is always a tricky situation. Agree with me? For the lucky ladies out there with modelesque and lithe frames, it's not as hard. You gals can get away with almost anything. If you don't believe me, check out Bella Hadid's nude cropped top - legging duo. I cannot imagine wearing the same ensemble with the same confidence. Bella on the other hand, F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S! 

Find that look here

But if you take the average woman who has to deal with a few curves here and there *raises hand* , wearing nude hues can be both a task and a let down. First of all, it will NEVER be a slimming color. Being on the lighter side of the color specturm, it will inevitably accentuate all your nooks and crannies. Secondly, choosing the proper shade is key. Trust me, you do not want to look naked on the streets. Sounds like a lot to think about, so the question is...why bother? Why? Because if you do it right, nude tones are absoultely chic, and an out-of-the-box option for sophistication. If you're like me, and challenging your personal style is a must, you'll find that you'll love your nudes as much as your white and black favorites. 

In this look, I'm wearing a jumpsuit from In Love with Fashion UK (ILWF). This brand is a favorite of mine if I'm looking for smart one-pieces. This one came in a lovely apricot color. One trick when wearing nude is to avoid going skin-tight. I know that I'm a little curvier on my hips, so I stuck with a wide-leg pant. Another tip is to go for fabrics that will not cling to your body. Classic silhouettes are key to avoid catching attention in the wrong way. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found this helpful in your journey to finding the right nude hues. When you do, I'd love to see your take on it! 

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Friday, August 19, 2016


by Aileen Belmonte

Taking the best photo to show off your outfit isn't just about finding the right light, making the right pose, and having a good camera. Aside of course letting your personal style shine through, a big part of your photo also has to do with location. I was lucky enough to stumble across this quirky room, which in my opinion went fantastically well with this striped romper from ZAFUL. I loved this romper from the moment I first wore it. It's super comfortable, and perfect for a day of lounging around and relaxing. I feel like you can already get that vibe, yeah?

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Thursday, July 21, 2016


By Aileen Belmonte
LIGHT IN THE BOX Floral Romper
H&M Bandeau
VANS Sk8 Hi in TrueWhite, Perforated

With my new hair color and all, I thought we could talk about our tresses. Not so much on styling and maintenance, but more on how to pick an outfit that would flatter your current hairstyle. Admittedly, since I added a touch of blonde to my previously brunette crown, I've had some difficulty finding clothes that would match. Palettes I were previously so comfortable and confident in didn't quite seem to have the same effect anymore. Likewise, those that didn't quite stand out on me before, now look incredible with my ash blonde ombre. All in all, I do miss my darker hair. However, I love this style too. Plus I've always wanted to find out if blondes did have more fun haha.

Red was one of the colors that made a turn-around for me. Before, my reddish brown locks would drown in a sea of whatever red outfit it was that I would wear. While it wasn't bad, my blonde tips and highlights really stood out better against a bold red background. Also, I felt like my hair had a very summery vibe. Being true to this sunny, California girl look, I donned a lightweight floral romper paired with some casual kicks. By the way, I'm wearing my favorite Sk8 Hi Vans sneakers in True White. In my opinion, it's an excellent option if you're not one to ride on the Superstars/Stan Smiths bandwagon. 

I know not all of my readers would have similar hair as mine. Also, it's not just the colors that will challenge your matching skills, but also the hairstyle in itself. So here are some take home tips from yours truly. This may not apply to everyone, and there is no hard and fast rule to follow. I hope it could help you somehow though.

1. Choose shades that make your hair color stand out. If your hair drowns in your outfit because the colors are too similar, then it's probably not the best option. Sometimes it can't be helped, but it may be nice to keep this thought in mind when shopping for new pieces. 

2. Just like a year has seasons, so do our tresses. My hair for instance is very summery. Summer hair, I would say are warm blondes with highlights and ombres, or maybe funky, unconventional colors. Spring would be warm blondes, or warm light browns. Autumn would be deeper and darker shades, and Winter would be silvery or light ash blondes. So if you find your "season," this can help you choose your wardrobe accordingly. 

3. As for hairstyles, this can be tricky. It's all about your personal taste. Here are some of the trends I've seen recently though. Layers will always be a staple. It's very easy-going and girl-next-door. It's perfect for casual dressing. Shoulder-length cuts are hot nowadays too! It's very posh and can go with clean polished looks. In my opinion, best styled with messy waves. Long straight hair on the other hand would go well for tailored or minimalist styles. 

4. The last and most obvious tip I have for you: Experiment and explore. As I said, there really isn't a rulebook to follow. It may be a trial and error process, but the final verdict should always be what makes you look and feel great!

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